Writing a great blog post is a skill for sure, but one that anyone can learn. Your ability to write beautiful prose doesn’t really matter, you just need to find the formula that works for your audience and then stick to it.

There are a few things that you can pick up straight away:

Write in short, succinct paragraphs

You shouldn’t be writing big blocks of text, they don’t work for blogs. People have short attention spans and are going to scan your post for stuff that interests them. Get to the point.

Try to keep your paragraphs and 2-3 lines max if you can.

Short paragraph

Use lots of images

The more images you can get in, the better. They break up the text, they make the page look more fun, and they can add huge value.

If you’ve written a guide, use the images to show the reader what you’re talking about. If you are writing a guide on how to make the perfect smoothie for your fitness blog, show some images of you making the smoothie and the finished product.

If you’re reviewing a product, show lots of images of it. Ideally, photos of you actually using it rather than marketing or stock photos from the supplier.

If you don’t have photos of your own, I’ve written an article on great stock photos for bloggers that you can check out, but stock photos should be the fallback option if you can’t find better, not your default choice.

Lots of images

Write a great headline

Headlines matter. We all know that “click-bait” style headlines are annoying, but they continue to exist because they result in clicks.

I don’t like misleading headlines, and I suggest avoiding them. We aren’t trying to get visitors at any cost, we’re trying to build a relationship with our readers and gain their trust for the long term. It’s a different skill to writing a post for maximum page views.

That doesn’t mean that you should completely ignore the format of your headline though, and there are great tools that will help you write one that stands out.

I use CoSchedule Headline Analyzer, to help write mine. It analyses the headline and gives it a score, based on how likely it is to result in clicks. It’s free and it allows me to write headlines that I’m happy with while still trying to optimise them. I consider any score above 70 as good enough to publish.

Optimise the content using free tools

There are things you can do in your posts to help them stand out on Google and bring you more visitors.

I use Yoast, a free WordPress plugin that analyses your content as you write. It looks at your language to check you are writing nice, easy to read paragraphs and it gives you pointers on ranking better for your chosen keywords. It is incredibly powerful and you need to use it.

More guidance

That’s a very quick overview. Writing a truly great blog post is a whole course on its own, and one that I’ve not got the time to write yet! Make sure you’re on the mailing list, as soon as it’s ready I’ll get it over to you.

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