Keeping blog posts fresh on social media is a great way of building extra traffic from older content. MissingLettr can automate a lot of that work for you.

You know the feeling. You’ve written a great blog post and shared it on social media and it’s done OK. But then, as you write more and more content, your old stuff disappears from your front page, from your mind, and therefore from your analytics. Sometimes you’ll want that – not all posts are evergreen and some simply make no sense a few months later. But lots of content is generic enough that it remains valid for the long term, and that means you want people to keep finding it. Decent SEO will help obviously, as Google is your most reliable source of long-term traffic, but I’ve found that MissingLettr can really help to boost traffic for older posts as well.

What is MissingLettr?

MissingLettr is a web based tool that scans your blog or website for new posts and then automatically generates a years worth of social media content for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn based on them.


How does MissingLettr work?

A few minutes after you publish a new post on your blog you’ll receive an email from MissingLettr telling you that a campaign has been generated and asking you to sign in and approve it. You will find that it has generated 9 posts for you after 0, 3, 7, 14, 30, 90, 180, 270 and 365 days. Each post will have a suggested image and content, and ask you to approve, edit or reject the suggestion.

MissingLettr review

Approve or reject each days contents and then sit back and let MissingLettr do the work for you! For a year, you won’t have to worry about promoting that article again and traffic should keep coming.

What does MissingLettr cost?

Plans start from free, and if you only blog once or twice a month then that should be fine for you. If you blog more frequently then personal plans start at $15 a month for 4 new blog posts per week, and for $40 a month you get 10 new blog posts per week. I’m using the personal plan and I absolutely love it, it’s a great balance of power and usability. Check it out at

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