When you’re putting together a business or product, there will be stuff that isn’t in your skillset. That might be graphic design, video production, website edits, audio balancing or any one of thousands of things you’ll need to deal with.

Sometimes you’ll have friends that can help out, and that’s great. Use them first. Call in any favours you’re owed.

However at some point you’re going to need outside help. When that time comes, check out Fiverr before you spend a fortune.

Fiverr services

Just some of the services offered on Fiverr

Fiverr is a website that allows people to advertise services they offer, and let people buy them. On the regular Fiverr platform (they have a more expensive “pro” level) all tasks start out with a $5 level.

These services are wide ranging, but include logo design, web design, WordPress configuration, video creation & editing, professional voiceover, animation, graphic design and hundreds of other things.

While the standard will not be of the same level as paying thousands to a professional agency, it’s often good enough to get you to the point where you can justify a larger price.

Examples of things that I have used Fiverr for include creating graphics for social media such as Facebook headers, creating basic “whiteboard” style explainer videos, and recording voiceover for video I’ve shot myself.

Check out their range of services and look through the suppliers when you find you need to outsource. It’s not always going to be suitable, and you shouldn’t use them for anything as important as your main logo, but it has its uses.

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