If you run any sort of online business, you’ve probably noticed that the tools you need in order to do it well quickly start to add up to a lot of monthly payments. So I want to talk a bit about AppSumo, and why you should be on their mailing list.

AppSumo is a “deal of the day” style site, but instead of selling shoes or t-shirts or whatever, it sells lifetime subscriptions to web software, for a single payment.

The software they pick is focussed on people running or marketing online businesses. Examples for deals they are running as I write this include help desk software to allow companies to build self-service help systems, a service to generate images for social media in all of the correct sizes, and a tool to help you build and run Facebook ads.

AppSumo deals

All of these products are available for a one-off payment of $49, a huge saving over the advertised $500-$1000 yearly costs.

How can they afford to run these deals? New companies looking to build a userbase often work with AppSumo to gain their first batch of users. They get a small injection of cash to keep working on the product, and the customer gets a good deal. It works well for everyone.

Not every deal is a winner, and not every deal will be suitable for your business. But get on the mailing list for free and do check out their offers. They tend to change the deals around weekly, but I’m not sure if there is a fixed schedule.

You can check their current deals and join their list at appsumo.com. This isn’t a paid promotion, I just wanted to point out the service as it’s one I use a lot.

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