Hopefully you’re blogging, and blogging hard. If not, why not? It was the first step. Go back and do that!

Once you start to build up a decent amount of content on your blog, you can start looking at ways to further increase your influence.

Guest posting for increased influence

One way of doing this that is free and that can have some great results is guest posting on other blogs.

The idea is simple. You find a blog with a similar audience to yours, and you approach them with a post proposal and ask if you can write it as an article for their site. Lots of blogs will jump at the chance of getting some free content, so will take you up on your offer.

The post should not be one promoting your site or product, write it as though though you are a regular contributor writing content that you think the readers will appreciate. If your post doesn’t resinate, it won’t be read. Then you’ve wasted your time.

So what do you get out of this?

Well, in advance of submitting the post you should come to an agreement with the editor about how you will be credited. All you need is a line at the beginning or end along the lines of “This post was written for us by Ross Davis. Ross is the owner of Hamtun Watches”

The exact wording doesn’t matter as long as your name and site are mentioned.

This gives you a few things.

  1. You get a bit more name recognition in the industry
  2. You get a link back to your site from a relevant one
  3. You get to link *to* the article, showing that you are trusted to write on the topic elsewhere and so are an expert.

How easy is it to find blogs to post on?

You’ll find that some blogs will reject your proposal. Especially the larger ones. That’s fine, no harm done. Be realistic about the negotiating position you’re in and your current reputation. Don’t start off approaching the biggest blogs in your market until you can justify it. Work your way up by starting with blogs around your level.

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