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I run Hamtun, a one-man UK-based watch company. Until recently I had a very normal job as a product manager at a software company. I was always playing with side project ideas, but never getting anywhere. Sound familiar?

Now I’ve run multiple highly successful crowdfunding campaigns. My first, with no budget at all, fully funded in 20 minutes and raised over $220,000 in the first 30 days. My most recent campaign in early 2019 raised over $250,000 in the first day! Again, no ad spend and no external agencies helping out.

With no savings or investment I’ve built a business that, as of early 2019, fully supports me and my family. I can work from anywhere, pick my own hours, and live much closer to the life I dreamed of. I’m not pretending to be something I’m not, though.

I’m not super rich. I have a quite small house, I don’t drive a supercar. But I’m very comfortable, and as a result I’m very happy. It’s the level of comfort that I think is realistic, rather than the billionaire lifestyle that people aspire to but that isn’t realistic for most.

How did I get here? By starting my business as a side project, learning how to grow without paid ads, and by taking my time to launch rather than rushing in to it. I’ve built something that gives me the life I wanted, but that I think almost anyone could replicate.

Everything I’ve learned is now available to anyone that wants to have a go themselves. If you’ve got a product idea but don’t know how to launch it, need help setting up a crowdfunding campaign, need help with marketing or growth.

From deep dive articles to step-by-step guides, I’m sharing everything I’ve used to start and grow my business. As I learn new things and adjust my methods, I post it all. I love starting things, and I love helping others get started on their dreams.

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  • Weekly memo covering everything I’ve learned in the last 7 days. I’m always trying new things, I share the stuff that works and tell you what to avoid
  • Deep-dive articles
  • Step-by-step guides on topics as wide ranging as starting a mailing list through to launching a podcast
  • Courses Coming soon
  • Templates and checklists for things such as landing pages, newsletters, and launch strategies
  • Access to the full archive - everything I’ve ever written on how to grow and launch
  • Personalized feedback on your growth strategy, sales page or crowdfunding campaign
  • Promotion of your campaign or product to my mailing lists (if appropriate - feel free to contact me for details)
  • Digital copies my books as I publish them Coming soon

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£29 /month

If you can find an agency that does all of this, I’ll be amazed. If you can find one that does even half of it for under $10k, let me know! This subscription is contains everything I wish I'd had access to, and it does it for an incredible price.

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If I’m so good at crowdfunding, why am I doing this? Shouldn’t I be off running campaigns of my own?

  • 1. I am running campaigns still. Hamtun remains by far my biggest income stream.
    I aim to run 2 campaigns per year
  • 2. I enjoy it. My favourite part of any project is the first year or so, and I miss that. By getting involved in others projects, I get some of that buzz back
  • 3. I have the time. My main business has busy months and it has quiet months. I use the quieter months to write, because it’s fun and because I can
  • 4. Lots of people email me every week asking for advice. It makes sense to maintain multiple revenue streams, who knows if I’ll mess something up at some point! I’m good at running crowdfunding campaigns and growing on a budget, other people need help. I see no reason to ignore that

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Note: I’m not guaranteeing you’ll get the same results by subscribing, it is of course possible that I just got very lucky every time. Most crowdfunding campaigns fail or just scrape past their goals. I will do my best to make sure that you have the resources you need to help you succeed, but it’s down to you in the end. I’m just here to help.