Building a big email list is important. If you manage it well it will become your most valuable asset.

Keeping it fresh and active can be hard though. You’re busy, you might not always have news to share, and it just gets pushed back and back until it’s been months since you talked to your subscribers.

That’s a huge problem. A list is only valuable if the subscribers on it are paying attention. A big list for the sake of it is just for ego – what matters is the number of engaged & active subscribers.

If someone signs up to your list for details on a future product, they are interested at that point. If your product is still 6 months or more away, chances are they will have forgotten all about you by the time you launch.

How can you avoid being forgotten? By using a drip email campaign that automatically sends semi-frequent emails to the subscribers from the day they join.

Structuring a drip email campaign

By picking a modern email platform, you can write emails in advance that will then be sent to subscribers after they sign up. Instead of writing a huge single message and sending it to everyone, you’re sending a message to users based on their sign up date and other parameters.

Drip on-boarding example

A very simple 5 step on-boarding process setup in Drip

You know that when the user joins your list they are interested in hearing from you. This is a great time to start building a relationship.

Use this opportunity to tell them a bit more detail about you and your company. You might even want to ask them something to encourage them to reply to the email. Actively interacting with you helps reinforce you and your company in their mind. Try to be “real” rather than a generic corporate drone. If you’re funny, be funny. You want people to remember who you are.

A few days later, send another email. This could be a bit of extra detail about your product or company, links to other places they might want to follow you (such as social media profiles) or articles that you’ve written that you think would be valuable.

A week or two later, send another. Again, pick a topic that you think might be of interest to as wide an audience as possible. All you’re trying to do is get people to read your emails and hopefully take some kind of action.

After the first few weeks you can be less frequent, but make sure there is at least 1 email a month from the day the person subscribes to your list.

Which is the best drip email platform?

I use Drip and I suggest you do too if you plan to ever sell anything. It has a free level, so you won’t start paying until you’re past 100 subscribers. If you get to 100 subscribers, that’s a great sign that you’ve got something!

Drip email service

Drip. Not just awesome, but also cool looking!

It also integrates well with eCommerce platforms such as Shopify as well as blogging tools like WordPress, and is incredibly powerful.

If you’re only ever going to be a blogger then I’m told ConvertKit is very good. They are similarly priced but are more focussed on the blogging market. I have not used it, but people I trust are huge fans.

So in summary. Selling stuff via a dedicated store? Use Drip

Blogging, and maybe selling digital resources such as ebooks or online courses? Go with ConvertKit

There is a detailed review of Drip, including step-by-step instructions on creating an on-boarding campaign coming in the next few weeks. Make sure you’re on the email list to be informed when it goes live.

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