I talk a lot on this site about how I built an email list and used it to build an audience and sell products.

But that’s all meaningless if the methods aren’t actually resulting in sales!

June 2018 was a quiet month for me. I had no new products launch, so all sales were as a result of people buying or pre-ordering products that had been available for a while.

Here are the sales figures for my main business. I had other websites and blogs make smaller amounts of money, but my methods are based around the techniques I used to grow my first (and main) business.

As ever, I ran no ads at all during June. I didn’t run any special offers or do anything other than send emails to my existing list and posting on social media.

So let’s get to it.

Total sales June

Total sales in June (in GBP which is about $21,800)

This shows my total sales for June 2018 in GBP. Converted into USD it’s around $21,800 at the time of posting this.

You can see that I had one particularly good day. That was the result of a broadcast email to my whole list, which I did in addition to the ongoing drip campaigns.

I also processed a few refunds (I have a pretty lenient refund policy), which these numbers take into account. So total sales were around £750/$1000 higher.

Average order value June

Average order value June (in GBP, which is around $320)

You can see that my products have a quite high average order value of around £250/$320. That’s partly because I do sell quite high priced products, but also because I make sure I offer extra upgrades to customers at checkout. A good percentage of customers do purchase an upgrade or extra of some kind.

I hope you find this information interesting, and you can see that even on a very average month my methods to convert into sales for me.

I am not going to make a habit of posting these income reports as I don’t want to give away too much to my competitors!

If you’re really interested, you can see some of my other income details by checking out the Kickstarter campaign pages that I use for some product launches. Those are public and I can’t do anything to hide them!

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