Two of the questions I get asked the most often are “what time should I launch my Kickstarter campaign?” and “which day should I launch my Kickstarter campaign?” so let’s look at what tends to work.

Do remember that there are other rules to worry about, the day and time isn’t the only factor to consider. I’ve already written on the best month to launch a Kickstarter and how you should remember to avoid starting or ending on public holidays in any of the countries that you’re expecting to do well in.

Best day to launch a Kickstarter campaign

One of the things that most surprised me when looking at when to launch a Kickstarter was that weekends tend to do badly. I assumed people were backing projects when they had free time to browse Kickstarter or read personal emails over the weekend.

However, it seems that most Kickstarter backers are people that are bored at work and killing time, so you need to look at a typical working week to work out when to launch.

You want to launch as early in the week as you can to get your first week sales as high as possible without a weekend getting in the way, but on a Monday people tend to be catching up over the weekend and convincing themselves that they are going to have a productive week.

Therefore Tuesday appears to be the most effective day to launch.

  • Monday – OK
  • Tuesday – Great
  • Wednesday – Good
  • Thursday – OK
  • Friday – OK
  • Saturday – Bad
  • Sunday – Bad

You also want to end your campaign using the same logic, so when setting the length of your campaign make sure it doesn’t end on a weekend or public holiday. Again, Tuesday is ideal.

Best time to launch a Kickstarter campaign

The best time to launch a Kickstarter depends somewhat on what your aims or expectations are.

I like to launch really fast with an amazing first hour, so I choose to launch at a time when most of my customers are awake. 4pm GMT works for this, as UK workers are mostly still at their desks and the USA is up and running for the day.

However some people prefer to have a really good first full day and so want to give themselves a full 24 hours to build up first day sales.

Sites like Kicktraq (funding info for all Kickstarter campaigns) give funding details broken down by day, so having a good first 24 hours makes your campaign look strong.

If you are sure that you can have a really good first hour and want to be able to brag that you were funded in X minutes, pick a time that most of your customers will be awake.

If you don’t expect to fly out of the blocks, try to schedule it so Kicktraq will track your first day for as close to 24 hours as possible.

Do remember though that you can only set your campaign to run in full days, so if decide to launch in the middle of the night it will also end in the middle of the night. You might miss a few last day sales as a result of this, as people browsing the “ending soon” section of Kickstarter can result in some good last minute backing.

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