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How to build an email list

Once you've got a blog, you need to learn how to build an email list. An email list is the easiest way to make money online from a blog or eCommerce website, yet so many people leave money on the table by concentrating on social media and blog posts over email.

Setting up an email list is quite easy, won't take long, and should pay you back many times over. My email lists are the basis of almost all of my income, and they are 90% automated so are making money for me even while I'm sleeping!

This page links out to all the articles I've written on building and growing an email list. I've used blogs along with email lists to launch 6-figure products, and by following the same techniques I believe anyone can do the same. It's far easier to make money online that most people believe. Good luck!

Ross Davis

Stage 1: Setup and tools

Picking the best email service
Building a list
Keeping an email list engaged
How big does your list need to be?

Stage 2: Growth

Running contests to grow your list
Lead magnets to encourage signups
Using landing pages to increase conversions

So what next?

Turn those readers and subscribers in to money! It's easier than you'd expect, and you can start straight away. I remember the boost I got from getting my first $15 referral payment, and the kick up the ass it gave me to keep going was invlaubale!