Most Kickstarter promotional services are useless. For some large sum of money a faceless organisation claim they will do undefined things to bring you thousands of backers. Whatever, they are mostly bullshit. A few, however, work.

Kickbooster don’t claim to do your promotion for you, instead they provide a framework to let people earn money in return for referring customers to your campaign.

How does it work?

Register for Kickbooster and they will set up an affiliate link for you that you can share with backers, bloggers, journalists, anyone you can think of. The link will point to your Kickstarter campaign and will track, via Google Analytics, anyone that backs your Kickstarter after being referred by the Kickbooster link. During sign-up you pick the cash reward that you will give the referrer, expressed as a percentage of funds raised. For example, you might offer 10% of funds raised for each customer referred by a blog. If you raise no extra funds through Kickbooster you pay nothing (except the small monthly fee – see below). If Kickbooster helps you raise £1000 in extra revenue, you pay your chosen reward percentage of that £1000 – in this case £100.

On its own that doesn’t help much as unless people are finding your affiliate link and sharing it, you’ll get no extra sales. However Kickbooster also run a “marketplace” where anyone can see all projects currently running and share the links with their audience. Your project will be listed in this marketplace. Big blogs, social media personalities and anyone looking to make money online often browse through this list to find projects that will allow them to fund their content, as nobody pays for journalism these days and they have to make their money somewhere! Make sure you offer a good reward (but not one that will screw you later) and pick a good photo, and you can expect to pick up at least a few sales this way.

For an even bigger boost, talk with Kickbooster support. They run a weekly email that they send to their large list, if you can convince them to feature your campaign in the newsletter you’ll almost certainly pick up more sales. They will generate their own referral URL so it’s in their interest to help you raise money, as they will get their cut.

What does it cost?

It depends how long you choose to use it for. The basic price is $29 a month, so if you only want to use it during your campaign the price will be $29. Kickbooster do offer a range of pre-launch pages as well, but I’d strongly suggest you design your own landing pages instead, as you’ll have full control and won’t have to pay anything. Other than that, the only cost is paying for customers that are referred by their links. You will have to pay your agreed percentage of all fees raised through their system.

What kind of results should I expect?

It will completely depend on your product, your price point, and the rewards you offer. I can tell you what I found on my most recent campaign though.

My watches were priced at around £260. I set up a Kickbooster scheme and agreed to pay a 15% referral fee for all new backers I received via their platform. I asked them to feature my in their email, which they did. In total I received 7 new sales, raising around £2000. For 15 minutes work setting up the system, that’s a good return. It’s not going to save your campaign if you’re really struggling, but it’s a nice boost to funds.

If you can get some big blogs to feature your affiliate link, you could easily end up making a lot more than me.


Kickbooster costs $29 and is well worth the 15 minutes it takes to set it up. I’d love to hear how you get on with it – if you find you get some much better or worse results let me know, I’d love to feature you here on

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