If you’re listening to my advice and are writing lots as part of your promotional activities, you’ll know how hard it can be to find decent free stock photos for a blog. Let’s look at your options.

You’re here to find out about cheap or free methods to promote your business. Much of what I write about is easy to do on a budget, but finding decent photos can be tough. We’ve talked plenty of times about the importance of presenting a professional face to your product, so finding some low res or generic stuff on Google images isn’t going to cut it. Maybe you’ll stumble across the occasional good photo, but licensing is erratic at best and you don’t want to be worrying about that. So what are our options?

Cheap stock photos for bloggers

Before we look at the completely free photos (only interested in them? Skip down to the next section) it’s worth saying that to an extent you get what you pay for. I can show you where to find free stock photos and they’ll be fine – I’m using them here – but when you can afford it you should investigate the paid options as well. Good photographers (rightly) expect to be paid for their work and by looking at the premium options you’ll find that your blog stands out more as you’ll have far fewer competitors using the same photos.

So who does the best paid stock photos? There are hundreds of sites out their at various price points and in various styles, but for me the best option at the moment is twenty20 (that’s not an affiliate link). Their plans start at $49 a month which is relatively standard, but they stand apart in the style of the photos they sell. It’s not full of generic “business” photos of people in dull suits and glasses pointing at a screen or whiteboard. Instead they have a great selection of really interesting, modern, colourful photos of real-looking people and scenarios. If you can’t afford a decent camera and the associated time to produce your own photos, twenty20 is the best I’ve found for allowing you to create a blog or website with a personality.

FREE stock photos for bloggers

But you’re here for the free photos, so let’s get straight to it. This site is currently using free stock photos from Pixabay (again, not an affiliate link) for almost all its photos. They don’t have the charm or uniqueness of photos from twenty20 but they are free, there is a powerful search engine, and there is a photo that works for pretty much any scenario from sensible business shots right through to free stock photos for 18+/adult blogs.

I’m not a fan of listing hundreds of sites and expecting people to spend ages going through them all, so I’m just giving what I consider to be the best site in each category. If you know of (or run) a stock photo site that you think is better than either of the 2 I’ve listed here then let me know and I’ll check it out.

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