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Designing and selling products

At last we get to the fun part! You'll need to do your product design and prototyping alongside stage 2, but hopefully you've been going a year and built up some real momentum before you actually show a product to your customers. You need the first impression to be "wow", and for enough people to be impressed that your first day of sales is huge, so if you're not at that level go back to stage 2 and keep going!

Finding suppliers & building prototypes

Finding worldwide suppliers to work with, and what to look out for

If you're making something physical (and you should...) then you're likely to need suppliers for something, even if you're making the main product yourself. Packaging, accessories etc often need to be brought in.

I've worked with suppliers from around the world and have outsourced most aspects of business at some point. Read through these articles for advice on finding and working with designers, printers, factories, shipping partners and more.

Running a crowdfunding campaign

Beginning to end! Build up, design, expectations, stretch goals, pricing and the rest

Too many crowdfunders make the mistake of thinking that Kickstarter is a platform for finding customers. It's not. At least not any more. It's an eCommerce platform like any other. There are hundreds of projects live at any time, and you need to stand out. Design, marketing and management of your campaign is the difference between massive success and total failure, and you can't afford to get it wrong. Read through these articles and make sure you're clear about the effort involved in building and running an amazing project.

Fulfilment and post-campaign sales

Don't underestimate the effort involved in shipping

So you're funded. Well done! Now comes the boring part - you've got to ship it all. As well as the tools you should use to avoid fulfilment being a disaster, we've also got essential advice on managing customer expectations, making additional sales, and long term eCommerce strategy.

And that's the brief overview of our 3-stage programme. I hope you found it a helpful starting point. Now you can start exploring the additional content throughout the site and finding the stuff that's particularly relevant to you and your business.

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Ross Davis