Your logo matters. You’ll hear people banging on about “style over substance” or saying that it doesn’t matter what your blog looks like, as long as the content is good.

Those people are idiots.

Yes, you need good content. But if people aren’t reading it, who cares what you’re writing?

Everyone has heard the saying “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”.  That’s because it’s usually true. People will visit your site if you get your SEO and outreach right, but if they stumble across an amateur looking thing, bunged up in 30 minutes by someone that didn’t care, you’ll lose lots of them right away. What a waste of effort!

We are trying to present ourselves as an authority in our niche. We want to build trust over time, and have people come to think of us as experts in our field. Part of that trust comes from presenting yourself as someone that makes an effort.

So don’t make it yourself unless you’re a professional. Making a website for your mum’s friend doesn’t count. Everyone thinks they have taste, but most people do not. At least not taste that other people appreciate. If you buy your jeans from a supermarket or buy non-iron shirts, please find a professional.

The good news is that there are sites these days that will make “good enough” logos for you and let you export them in minutes. Good enough is OK here if our blog is only being used to build a list. We need to look professional, but we aren’t trying to become the BBC or whatever.

If the blog is the endgame for you, and you can see yourself trying to make it something huge, you might want to hire a professional. It’s your choice. If it helps, I have used logo builder websites for my blogs, while I paid a professional for my watch brand.

Hamtun Watches (built using the techniques detailed on this blog) is my main business. It’s responsible for most of my income. I knew that I wanted that to become a “brand” within the fashion industry, so I had to do more. I love the Hamtun watches logo.

If you think a “computer designed” logo is sufficient for you (and it is for 99% of blogs) then I have used LogoJoy before and had good results. They cost just $20 for a single version of your logo and $65 with a load of different colour variations and add-ons. It’s a bargain.

If you’re looking for a real person to design your logo, my suggestion would be to run a contest somewhere like

Services like 99Designs allow you to provide a specification for a logo, they have lots of professional designers submit entries. You can pick the one you like best. If all of the designs are unacceptable to you, they have a money back guarantee so you haven’t lost anything. Contests start at £229 which sounds a lot (and is if you’re on a tight budget, hence the first option) but is actually pretty cheap for decent designers.

So there we go. Get a decent logo. It doesn’t need to cost much and it will massively improve the overall appearance of your website.

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