Starting a business

Using AppSumo to find the best marketing tools

If you run any sort of online business, you’ve probably noticed that the tools you need in order to do it well quickly start to add up to a lot of monthly payments. So I want to talk a bit about AppSumo, and why you should be on their mailing list. AppSumo is a “deal […] Continue Reading

How to launch a 6-figure product in a year

If you want to make money online, it’s much easier than it looks. There is an assumption that people making money online are either spamming/ripping people off, or have some amazing skills that most people don’t possess. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In 2016 I launched my first product and it made over […] Continue Reading

Designing A Watch & Building Prototypes – How To Start A Watch Brand

Help with designing a watch and building prototypes is one of the things I’m asked most often. Apparently, everyone wants to get into the watch game! My brand Hamtun makes affordable automatic watches and does very well, so it’s only natural that people ask. When I was starting, I’d have killed for a few pointers! […] Continue Reading

Designing a great blog logo cheaply

Your logo matters. You’ll hear people banging on about “style over substance” or saying that it doesn’t matter what your blog looks like, as long as the content is good. Those people are idiots. Yes, you need good content. But if people aren’t reading it, who cares what you’re writing? Everyone has heard the saying […] Continue Reading

Using Fiverr to quickly prototype ideas

When you’re putting together a business or product, there will be stuff that isn’t in your skillset. That might be graphic design, video production, website edits, audio balancing or any one of thousands of things you’ll need to deal with. Sometimes you’ll have friends that can help out, and that’s great. Use them first. Call […] Continue Reading