Growth & marketing

How to grow a mailing list that will guarantee your success

Building and growing a mailing list is absolutely key to both the short and long term success of your business. While social media can result in some good traffic, there is still nothing that beats good old-fashioned email. And best of all, it’s almost free! Why do you need a mailing list? There is a […] Continue Reading

How to know when your mailing list is big enough

I’ve mentioned before in my when is your kickstarter ready to launch post that your email list is absolutely critical to the success of your business/Kickstarter campaign/whatever you’re doing. So how can we build it? A big list is important, but it’s only valuable if it’s also targeted sensibly. You’re better off with a few hundred […] Continue Reading

Kickstarter marketing companies

Kickstarter marketing companies swarm all over you as soon as you launch a campaign. They’ll promise the world, but are they worth using? Here is what I’ve found works and what doesn’t. Before you even consider working with a Kickstarter marketing company you need to make sure you’ve done everything you can to build your […] Continue Reading

Why you should be using landing pages for sensational growth

A decent email list is the holy grail for any online enterprise, and using landing pages will vastly increase the speed it grows. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a physical product (buy a watch!), your time, a service, or just ad space on your blog, a strong email list will provide more value than anything else. […] Continue Reading