Growth & marketing

Picking the best mailing list service for bloggers

This isn’t a post to explain why you should be building an email list. If you’re still not sure of that, head over to the article on growing a mailing list and start with that. But you do need a mailing list, and getting people on to it should be the primary focus of your […] Continue Reading

Use guest posts to grow your influence

Hopefully you’re blogging, and blogging hard. If not, why not? It was the first step. Go back and do that! Once you start to build up a decent amount of content on your blog, you can start looking at ways to further increase your influence. Guest posting for increased influence One way of doing this […] Continue Reading

Running contests to increase your subscribers

Once you’ve got a mailing list up and running (and engaged…), you can start using them to increase it further without making effort yourself. How? It’s easy. Run a contest, and reward people for encouraging others to join. Let me explain. Creating a leaderboard contest with Viral Loops First sign up with Viral Loops, a […] Continue Reading

Keeping an email list fresh and engaged

Building a big email list is important. If you manage it well it will become your most valuable asset. Keeping it fresh and active can be hard though. You’re busy, you might not always have news to share, and it just gets pushed back and back until it’s been months since you talked to your […] Continue Reading

Building relationships with influencers

The word “influencers” has a lot of negative connotations these days, mostly deserved. It’s been taken over by trendy little assholes with an Instagram account and a tonne of fake followers. If you run a business of any kind, you’re probably used to being spammed by them constantly. “I think my audience will love your […] Continue Reading

Automating Instagram for rapid follower growth

Of all the social media platforms, the one that tends to perform the best when it comes to actually converting to sales/cash is Instagram. A year or so ago Facebook performed better, but since they switched focus away from pages and back to real people, traffic and interactions there are right down. Buying Instagram followers […] Continue Reading