Of all the social media platforms, the one that tends to perform the best when it comes to actually converting to sales/cash is Instagram.

A year or so ago Facebook performed better, but since they switched focus away from pages and back to real people, traffic and interactions there are right down.

Buying Instagram followers

So Instagram is probably worth your time, but how can we build up a following?

It’s tempting to just buy followers from one of the *thousands* of services out there that will sell you followers.

Don’t do it.

These followers are not real, they are just dummy/bot accounts that will increase the number of followers you have but not actually convert in to useful interactions or sales.

Gaining Instagram followers

The easiest way to get real followers is to interact with hashtags or accounts that are in a similar niche to you. For example, if you’re selling wedding accessories, look through the #wedding hashtag and find posts or accounts that look appropriate.

When you find a post that looks relevant you should like it, leave a comment, and follow the person that posted it. You might also want to follow some of the other people that have comments on the post.

When you do this, the people you’ve interacted with get notifications. Some of them will check out your account, and some of those people will decide to follow you. By keeping up this pattern you’ll start to build a decent following.

But to get the most from it, you’d need to spend hours every day finding accounts to like, follow or comment on.

Who has time for that? Not us, we’ve got businesses to run!

So what can we do?

Automating Instagram activity

One option is to hire someone to run your Instagram account for you. It’s the safest option, but it’s also expensive!

The other option is to use an Instagram automation service to do your liking, commenting and following for you. This is technically against the rules and so can get your account banned, so you need to decide if it’s worth the risk for you.

How can you make it safer? One option is to create a spare Instagram account for your company and use that for automation. While it may end up getting closed down, as long as you’ve managed to convert some of the followers to mailing list subscribers, it was worth it.

Using InstaNobel to automate Instagram

However a better option is to use InstaNobel and install their software on your computer. InstaNobel is a web based service, and so using it without their software is risky. You’ll probably get caught.

InstaNobel front page

The InstaNobel service, a better way to but Instagram followers

However by installing the InstaNobel software, all of the interactions they do on your behalf come via your local computer rather than the InstaNobel servers. This means Instagram can not tell if you are a real person or a “bot” and so leaves your account alone. The only requirement is that you keep your computer switched on while InstaNobel is active.

The InstaNobel desktop app for Mac

The InstaNobel desktop app for Mac

How does InstaNobel work?

InstaNobel signs in to your account and acts on your behalf. You give it instructions and it will follow them.

It can do any combination of the following actions:

  • Like posts
  • Follow accounts
  • Comment on posts
  • View stories

There is a powerful admin panel that lets you decide which posts and accounts to interact with. A review is on the way that covers it in detail, but the main options are:

  • Interact with posts from a specified account
  • Interact with followers of a specified account (for example you could interact with a competitors followers)
  • Interact with a specified hashtag
  • Interact with accounts that have liked or commented on posts with a specified hashtag

Comments can be built using an editor to create hundreds of unique combinations of words and emoji, allowing you to create unique comments that are generic enough to be automated and still be relevant and not look out of place.

InstaNobel settings panel

Some of the settings available in InstaNobel

There are a huge number of combinations, limits and rules you can put in place to make sure you’re only interacting with accounts that will be of value to you. You don’t want just any followers, you want ones that care about what you’re doing.

One thing to remember – you should have some activity on your account before you start automating. It’s just safer. Spend 2-3 days following 10-20 people, posting a couple of photos a day and commenting on relevant hashtagged posts. It just makes you look a bit more real.

Should I use InstaNobel to grow my Instagram followers?

Yes, I think so. Be careful, make sure you install their software so that activity is coming from your local computer, and don’t use an account that you would be devastated to lose if something went wrong.

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