The free 3 stage programme to launch your business without a budget

I launched my business and earned hundreds of thousands in year one, all with no budget and no MBA. Now I've documented exactly how I did it so anyone can follow their dreams.

Step-by-step guides showing you how to build an customer base, design a product, find suppliers, run a crowd funding campaign, and market yourself. Learn the tools, tricks, and techniques I used to create Hamtun Watches from scratch with no budget at all.

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Before you start, a quick overview. Who am I, what do I do, and how you can follow the same path as I have.

Stage 2: Customer growth and trust

Without a mailing list, your online business will struggle along forever. Focus on growing it by following my advice.

Stage 1: Building an audience

It's critical that you have an audience for your products before you start selling them, learn how to build one for free.

Stage 3: Designing and selling products

Learn how I used crowd funding to launch a product and fully fund in minutes with no marketing budget, and how you can too.

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