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In 99% of cases it’s the launch process rather than the product that results in failure. Over the years we’ve started multiple businesses. From product manufacturing through to web based games, we’ve done it all. No investment, no paid ads & no sleazy techniques, just perfectly planned & executed launches. Now, with millions of dollars earned, we’re here to show you how.

Show me the money

Why do some great products launch to silence, while other distinctly average ones fly off the shelves? Because, despite what Hollywood would tell you, “build it and they will come” isn’t a launch strategy.

Building a good product just a small part of the process. If nobody knows your product exists, they aren’t going to buy it. Dropping a few links on social media won’t cut it, there is just too much noise.

With $0 ad spend in our history, we’ve worked out how to launch products that consistently earn 5 or 6 figures in their first 24 hours. Now we’re breaking it down here so you can do the same.

Read the content, ask questions where you need to, and take the time to execute it properly. We’re smugly confident that it’ll work.

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There is a lot of content on this website. If you’re new, start with the “start here” here section. Once you’re building, jump to the resources you need.

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Free advice from our team of experienced entrepreneurs

We’ve spent years starting and growing businesses with a tiny budget, and now we’re sharing everything we know. Build, prototype and sell physical or virtual products without the MBA bullshit, and launch them to an avalanche of excited customers.

It doesn’t matter if your idea is a virtual eBook or complex electronic hardware, our process will work on almost any niche. It’s not a “secret formula” or any of the other BS that so-called “experts” try to sell you, it’s a set of essential steps, the order to take them, and how to implement each one.

And the best part? It’s all free!

Why are we doing this for free?

“If you’re so good at this, why do you give away your advice? You’re just another wannabe online expert”

Yeah, we get that a lot. Here’s a brief answer.

Most importantly, It’s fun. Having an interesting life is important, and seeing new products launch is exciting to us.

We learn and get better from the questions people ask us.

Finally, to be fully transparent, maybe one day we’ll spin a commercial product off this website. Who knows.

What people get wrong

  • Launching before everything is in place. The launch is the end of the marketing, not the beginning
  • The importance of a pre-sales campaign
  • The power of social media (a few tweets isn’t a marketing campaign)
  • Picking the wrong suppliers and partners
  • Pricing for sales & long term stability
  • Worrying too much about what competitors are doing
  • Designing by committee rather than trusting your gut
  • Working too hard. The fetishisation of the 24/7 hustle mindset is unhealthy and unsustainable. Work normal hours, spend the rest of the time with friends and family. Watch some Netflix or play XBox is you want. It’s more important and prevents burnout
  • Spending too much money. Ad spend for our first product? $0, and we earning $250.000+ in 30 days

What we write about

  • Designing & building quality products that keep customers coming back
  • Why most product launches fail, and how to avoid that fate
  • Building, growing and cultivating an audience that loves you
  • Bootstrapping startups and rejecting VC offers. Keep all your profits!
  • Running crowdfunding campaigns without the consulting vultures and their obscene 40% cuts
  • Product design, 3D samples and prototyping, even if you’ve never done it before
  • Finding and working with international manufacturing partners (and avoiding the terrible one)
  • Sourcing and testing suppliers
  • Genuine work-life balance. Not writing “family first” on your Twitter profile then encouraging everyone to work every waking hour
  • How to find interesting and profitable niches to get in to
  • Can you make profit of “free” services?
  • …and loads more
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